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The answer is obvious. Parents want to know if despite their kids' best efforts they will be relegated to a transcript reflecting mediocrity all for the low price tag of $55k. They could go to a school like Stone Ridge that is rigorous, students are graded fairly and have a chance at getting into a top college.

So why not go to Stone Ridge?

Stop trolling
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Anonymous wrote:NCS calculates GPAs the same way that almost all school districts, colleges and universities do.

They take the final letter grade for each course, assign the GPA (0.0 to 4.0) to that course and then average that course's GPA with the GPA of the rest of the courses, weighing semester and year-long courses appropriately. They do not give any extra weight to honors or AP courses so max obtainable GPA is a 4.0.

There was a wacky poster on here the other night who was arguing for some alternative form of calculation that I have never heard of before. In case the poster comes back and this post is then deleted, rest assured that NCS does standard GPA calculation. Or call admissions and they'll confirm.

Incorrect. All other top schools in the area do it differently. Your information is factually incorrect.

It's done the same way at DCPS, MCPS and FCPS. All 3 major school districts calculate GPA like NCS does. The weigh for honors and AP but the calculations are done the same way.

Except MCPS doesn't have finals, cant give out any grade lower than a 50 for any reason, and rounds up the average of the quarter letter grade so that you could have an A one quarter and a B one quarter and still end the semester with an A. With no final!
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Anonymous wrote:So NCS converts each class score to the 4.0 scale first then averages those for GPA. Upset NCS mom wants to average class scores first before converting to 4.0 scale. Is that accurate?

Yes. This is it.

The problem is--that converting each class score to the 4.0 scale first and then averaging for GPA is how GPAs are calculated the world over.

Some examples:

UC Berkely:

Shall I go on? You can look up any college and find this.
They all calculate GPA the SAME WAY NCS DOES. They convert each class score to 4.0 and then average for GPA.

Exactly. This is a very common way to calculate GPA.

St. Albans does not do it that way.

well for the one millionth time, STA does their own weird thing. They compute a numeric GPA and you never, ever hear about a GPA on a 4.0 scale. They don't match their numeric GPA to a letter grade.
The compute GPA in a way that no other high schools in DC do and no major universities do.

NCS and STA do entirely different things. In this way and in MANY ways. They are different institutions. If you had kids in both you would realize that about a week in.

Madeira calculates GPA the same exact way as STA. And other posters have already said Sidwell and GDS do it differently than NCS - providing no GPA. I’m not an NCS parent so I don’t really care one way or another. But it’s clear misinformation to pretend most of the other privates are doing it the way NCS does.

And it is clearly hurting their college admissions. Look at other top schools in the area and they are doing much better college wise. You don’t need to be an NCS parent to see this.
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