Question for child health experts: Does a tween/teen HAVE TO shower every single day?

It is a white, American cultural norm to shower every day. Yes, of course people that shower every day can notice if other people have skipped a shower. I appreciate that other cultures and ethnicities have different hygiene routines, but daily showers is the norm for the majority of Americans.
Anonymous wrote:The daily bathers:
In a group of 20 people standing around, do you believe that you can sniff out those who last showered yesterday morning?
What are the exact adverse health effects of bathing 3 times a week instead of 7+?

If you are bathing 3x per week, that says: you never exercise and likely aren’t having sex

40% of the Americans in this survey said they shower less than once a day. I’m guessing that number would go even higher if you include an “almost every day” option.

And I think you’re overestimating your ability to sniff out a missed shower. You’ve probably smelled people who have skipped when they shouldn’t have, or people who have skipped 2+ showers, and drawing a lot of assumptions based on that.
OP - what nationality are you?
Anonymous wrote:OP - what nationality are you?

Not sure which OP you are trying to get. I’m the one who showers 6x a week. I’m American.
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