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Apr 25, 2024
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Apr 26, 2024
Smithsonian Early Enrichment Center's Family Workshop - Long, Long Ago National Museum of Natural History,
Apr 27, 2024
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Apr 27, 2024
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Apr 27, 2024
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May 04, 2024
Smithsonian Early Enrichment Center's Family Workshop - Long, Long Ago National Museum of Natural History,
May 04, 2024
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May 04, 2024
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May 04, 2024
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May 05, 2024
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May 12, 2024
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May 18, 2024
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May 18, 2024
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May 22, 2024
Forest Bathing: A Mindful Walk with Nature Potomac Overlook Regional Park,
May 25, 2024
Camp Overlook 2024 - Pirates of the Potomac Camp Potomac Overlook Regional Park,
Jun 24, 2024
Camp Overlook 2024 - Junior Gardeners Potomac Overlook Regional Park,
Jul 01, 2024
Camp Overlook 2024 - Survival Skills Camp Potomac Overlook Regional Park,
Jul 15, 2024
Camp Overlook 2024 - JR Naturalist Half Day Camp III Potomac Overlook Regional Park,
Jul 22, 2024
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Monday's Most Active Threads

by Jeff Steele last modified Mar 26, 2024 12:56 PM

Yesterday's topics with the most engagement included reasons for not remarrying, shaming an unemployed brother, Northeastern University, and a selfish husband skiing with his family.

The most active thread yesterday was was a thread that I previously discussed that was about former President Donald Trump's inability to post bond that is necessary for him to appeal a fraud ruling against him. Yesterday the bond amount was reduced and Trump was given an additional 10 days to pay. So this thread will probably be back on top shortly. The most active thread after that one was titled, "Can someone explain to me why so many on here would never remarry?" and posted in the "Relationship Discussion (non-explicit)" forum. The original poster says that she has read many posts from those who are divorced or thinking about divorce who say that they have no expectations of getting remarried and nor should anyone else. The original poster asks for the reason(s) behind those expectations and offers several proposals herself. Her own suggestions include the first marriage being so bad that it tarnished the entire concept, marriage being primarily about kids, not wanting to care for an older person, and skepticism that they would find a desirable partner or would be desirable themselves. Several posters respond saying that it is all of the above. As you would expect from a female-dominated forum, most of the responses come from women and, therefore, represent a largely women's point of view. Several posters say that in their previous marriages they were required to take care of everyone but themselves. Now they have the freedom to put themselves first and don't want to give that up. Several of those responding say that their financial independence is a factor in not creating an interest in remarriage. A number of responses amplify factors that the original poster suggested. For instance, one poster reported leaving an abusive relationship which was so bad that she no longer has an interest in marriage. A number of posters said that they have children from their earlier marriages with whom they have great relationships and have no interest in another family. The don't want to be responsible for someone else's children and either can't have or don't want more of their own. A common complaint was a lack of eligible and desirable men. Over and over posters questioned what the available men "brought to the table" and suggested that it wasn't much. To the contrary, the available men were generally seen as "entitled, demanding, and whiny". Males posters who weighed in were generally also not interested in remarrying. One expressed love for the "adult Disneyland that exists" due to online dating. He described a nearly endless supply of younger women that he could casually date and feared the financial implications of marriage. This caused the thread to get diverted into a dispute about prenuptial agreements and other ways that men could protect their wealth. Generally, the attitudes of the men justified the skepticism with which the women viewed them.