kids with learning struggles

Stixrud and Johnson's book The Self Driven Child is a helpful read for putting things into perspective and remembering that there are a lot of ways to have a good life, learn, and become educated and independent outside of being successful in school. My child struggles greatly with reading and I see those struggles creeping toward other subjects (e.g., she is good at math now while she can still count on her fingers but has no math facts available in memory for later use). School was so easy for me. But I try to focus on all the ways in which she is talented, creative, kind, and interesting, and it works better for both of us than worrying too much about the future.
In my experience elementary was a nightmare, middle school improved and high school has been great. Kid has to work harder than some but succeeds with hard work. I know I’m lucky but I think so much of this gets better with brain development
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