Sidwell football article in post....what are the parents saying?

no kidding. it shows.
Go Quakers!
Anonymous wrote:
Anonymous wrote:I guess the Sidwell parents are saying: "Congratulations to the D.C. State Championship Sidwell football team!"

So, I'm not a Sidwell parent or alum. I have kids who played private school sports and, five years ago when I used to be on this board more (it was a hard addiction to break!), I tried to post a number of times to point out the strong points of the Sidwell athletic program (they beat my kids' schools in plenty of sports plenty of times, and vice versa). There was not a productive discussion -- so often when the subject is athletics, it seems -- and I was glad when the angry posting died out because it seemed overheated and unfair (and concerned only with boys' sports, which I find unpleasant in and of itself).

But I remembered this crazy thread enough to want to add a postscript now that Sidwell won the D.C. State Championship in football (A Division). Congrats to Sidwell Friends on an exciting game and wonderful victory for the kids and coaches.

Sigh. I'm sorry I resurrected this thread. I do not understand why people become instantly unpleasant when the topic is high school sports. Oh well. Time to again retreat from DCUM! It was like a malaria flare-up to come back on here.

Congrats again, Quaker football community, I was happy for you and I think many others in the area are as well.
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