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Anonymous wrote:Her first award of the evening, she hugged both of the people handing out the award. For the second she brought up everyone who worked on the album which created a totally different dynamic. The least important person on that stage was Celine Dion. If CĂ©line Dion wanted more attention she should have chosen a different award to hand out and not the last one.

Wow. Turning this on Celine. She was gracious about the lack of acknowledgement. It was everyone else who pointed it out.

Also, I think the Grammy organizers decide who will hand out which award. And Celine's selection for this was 100% appropriate.

+1, the people trying to make this Celine's fault are nuts. She said nothing about it.

Seriously, this woman has a debilitating illness that likely made getting dressed up for these awards and coming out to present actually hard. I'm not saying it's the most important thing in the world to do, but it genuinely is an honor for the recipient of that award to receive from someone like Celine Dion who could easily have just stayed home in her freaking pajamas and rested.

I am not normally a "respect your elders" type person but the level of narcissism on Taylor's part here has me reconsidering that position. I'd be pissed if I were Celine to be shunted to the side like that with barely a word, and Celine was actually pretty chill about it, and then posed for that dumb picture of her backstage too. Do not make this Celine's fault, FFS.

Oh please. First the standard is not to always hug etc. the presenter. I'd say, yes, it happens more than 50% but it's not required. And who said anything is Celine's "fault." LOL. Lord, yo uppl are reaching.

Celine could have not presented but chose to do so. And that's great but . . . big deal. She's a phenomenal singer. And, as stated, she didn't make this a big deal. You all did. And it says alot about your jealousy and pettiness that you have.

-not a TS fan.

It would have been a thing no matter who did it. It's the biggest award of the night, so people pay attention to it, and ANY winner who behaved the way Taylor did would have been raked over the coals for it.

If anything, Taylor is getting a lot of benefit of the doubt, some earned some not. If Olivia Rodrigo had won and done what Taylor did, she would be getting DESTROYED by media and the public for being an entitled little oblivious 20 yr old. If SZA had won and did what Taylor did, she'd be getting called "ghetto" and classless and scolded left and right -- she probably would have issued a public apology to Celine and the academy by now, at the request of her record label. boygenius would have been called arrogant and holier-than-there for the same behavior. If it were Miley everyone would assume she's on drugs and calling for an intervention. Janelle Monae would be called uppity and ungrateful. Jon Batiste would be called much worse.

The idea that other performers would be allowed to behave this way and have no repercussions is just false. Taylor is probably getting the gentlest pushback of anyone in the category for this behavior.

Literally . . . who cares? Repercussions? A bunch of harpies on social media whining about a pop star not bowing and scraping in the moment she receives an award? I'm pretty sure she doesn't GAF and, honestly no one else should either.

Maybe she should have curtsied?

Yes, saying "thank you" would have been the polite thing to do. But, it seems Celine has bigger things to deal with than whether or not someone gushed appropriately.

- Not a fan of either of them

Exactly. But honestly why even say thank you? For what exactly?

For showing up to present the award. For lending the event and the winner the prestige of having one of the most significant recording artists of the last 50 years bless the proceedings.

You might think that all sounds dumb. Maybe it is. But if you think that's dumb, then the Grammys are dumb, and the award Taylor won is dumb. I you want to participate in these events and be a "member of the academy," well, this is what that means.

Taylor Swift, btw, freaking loves awards. Like a lot of artists, she cares A LOT about being honored and recognized by her peers. Well guess what, so do her peers, which in this case includes Celine Dion.

If Taylor doesn't care, if it doesn't matter, she's welcome to not put her music up for these awards at all. Go win the VMAs and the People's Choice awards.

Also all that misogynist crap
Taylor claims she has had to deal
to with was times 20 for the women who came before her. Celine Dion was so beaten into misogyny she married her record producer at a really young age.
Taylor should thank the women who came before her for making her path in the music industry a cake walk in comparison. Taylor NEVER acknowledges this and just bemoans the small amount of misogyny her dad has been unable to blaze away.

This is true, and I also find it weird that someone who makes such a big deal about women's empowerment when it comes to her, specifically, would not even note that it's kind of a big deal that the nominees in this category were almost all women, including a few who had never been nominated before. I remember thinking it was cool that it was such an ecclectic group of women, too. It's just weird to me she wouldn't anything about the other nominated albums (she didn't even mention Lana's album even though she did mention Lana as a collaborator on HER album).

She could single handedly boost sales for other female artists by mentioning them or their work in her speech. It feels like someone who is quick to demand female solidarity when she feels slighted would seize that opportunity.

I think Taylor only cares about Taylor.
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