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Anonymous wrote:
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Anonymous wrote:Men know they are undervalued even as children. Majority of adults fawn over or would save a little girl first -even parents .

This is proven by research and is global . Men are disposable and if push comes to shove are supposed to die to save a girls life

And women are also expected to die to save childrens’ lives. I guess we’re all disposable!

Women can also kill their kids and have the choice , but men have no choice . If a woman can kill a child, a man can at least abandon them without becoming a social pariah and being called a deadbeat. He isn’t the one who should have dead in the title

It’s nice to read something like this on DCUM. It reminds me that a lot of these comments were written by total idiots and it’s stupid of me to waste my time responding.

:lol: +1

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