Anyone pump in a classified office?

If your outbuilding does not have a pumping facility, contact the resources that PPs have provided and demand they find an appropriate space. Main State should have them, but I never worked there when I had kids that age, so I never checked or paid attention.

And there is no problem with the pumps - no monitoring or recording devices in them. Seriously, just threaten to go EEO on them. And have security contact a colleague at a grownup intel agency and they will be able to set them straight. You need waivers for things like heart monitors, not pumps.
Anonymous wrote:
Anonymous wrote:DC law protects breastfeeding workers and mandates access to pumping.

If there are designated pumping rooms then this is where you should pump! You're too lazy to go to another floor? Tough! Also, DC law does not apply to Federal buildings.

You are right that dc law isn't relevant to a fed employee. That's why Feds don't get the expanded benefits of dc fmla. But otherwise you are an asshole.
I pumped in a SCIF after having both of my kids and so did several of my colleagues. No one blinked. Since pumps cannot send or record information, they are permitted in SCIFs. One-way pagers, radios, microwaves, and other electronic devices are also permitted in SCIFs. Being an electronic device does not automatically preclude admission to a SCIF.
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