Please help: ADHD combined 504 accommodation plan

DC's school told us that we should start putting together an accommodation plan.
We have no idea what an ADHD kid needs. Teacher already moved DC's desk close to teacher's desk. What else can we ask school do to help DC?
At our school, the most common ones are:

Redirect student to the test
Graphic Organizer
Small Group Testing
Frequent Breaks
Reduce distractions to self
Reduce distractions to others
Monitor Test Response
Extended time (1.5x)
What grade? Things that help my middle schooler are chunking assignments and intermediate deadlines, communication home if assignment isn't turned in, detailed rubric and/or model for writing assignments, and assignments written in bullet points instead of big paragraphs.
Search additude website for examples. For ours, movement breaks & teacher verifying instructions were followed were key.
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