ASDEC summer intensive (Math) vs. McLean Summer Edge intensive?

We are considering either the ASDEC math summer intensive or the McLean Summer Edge math intensive for our MS child. Anyone done either of these? They are expensive and would hate to throw money away.
I would call them both and see if they have space. I heard that at least one ASDEC reading summer program is full already. Also see if ASDEC's summer program would match your child with a tutor who would continue to work with them during the school year--that was what the Director said for their summer reading program when I called a few years ago.
The math program at ASDEC isn’t usually over subscribed. Our DD did it last year in middle school because she has a LD in math and had had a terrible teacher in seventh grade.

It was decent and helped reinforce concepts. TBH she really didn’t love it. I didn’t hear much about the class, but I think there was some differentiation between students as the class wasn’t that big.

But she did make some progress over the summer. She is doing better this year in eighth grade math than she had done most of her middle school tenure, so we felt like it was worth it. That said, we don’t feel the need to do it again.
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