HFA Lake Braddock or Western Loudoun

We have a HFA DD who is scheduled to go to Lake Braddock in a year. She has an IEP and has done well in her elementary school on an IEP. She is pulled out for speech and some academic work, has accommodation for noise sensitivity but is in her mainstream class doing mostly grade level work most of the time. We have been happy with the services she receives and haven't had to fight the system. We have talked to her case mgr and she will have a plan for the LBSS transition.
We are concerned about the size of LBSS. My DH is an alum and says that although she may have accommodation the school is huge and overwhelming and he foresees disaster.
We would like to move to Western Loudoun. We used to live in the Winchester area and generally prefer the pace and green space further out but worry about sevices for her. That said, her elementary school experience has been great here.
Does anyone have experience with a child with an IEP at Woodgrove HS or Loudoun Valley HS in Purcellville? TIA!!
I will tell you that the AP in charge of special education at Lake Braddock is terrific. She was a teacher in a CSS before moving to admin, then the special ed chair at Robinson Middle. I would not hesitate to send your child there. The secondary schools do a great job of making the middle school a true middle school experience and they are not overwhelmed with high schoolers, and the transition to the high school is very easy.
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