How to protect or teach your son's to avoid Crazy Girls like Jackie

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Learn proper punctuation.

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Teach sons to avoid high drama women in general. the adivice I give male family members is don't date woman that doesn't seem to have or be able to keep normal/good female friends. You knwo the ones who say "women are too much drama I prefer to just be friends with men"--um,there is a reason other women don't want to hang out with her crazy azz. If another woman can't deal with it, then a man most definitely needs to run in the other direciton. And I say this as a woman that knows men come and go but a lifetime of good women friends is forever.

You are blaming the victim. If a male wants to date a high drama woman, he should be allowed and what happens is not his fault. He should not have to take any steps to protect himself.

Who is the victim in this case? You are saying something similiar to if she didn't dress like that she wouldn't be raped, if he didn't date a drama queen he wouldn't be falsely accused.
I think the odds are higher that our sons and daughters will themselves be sexually assaulted.

Victim blaming is horrible, no matter the gender involved. Guys aren't taken seriously and get questioned about why they didn't stop the attack. Women are asked what they were wearing. It's bullshit, and incredibly common.
tell him to keep his pants on OP. He's not the victim dumb ass
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